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Project Management & Editorial Design

march 2015​

I led the design of the 2014 publication of the Quality of Life survey that Guadalajara-based NGO Jalisco Cómo Vamos conducts every year while working as Communications Manager there. 

My role in it

I designed the layout guidelines and supervised the production of the publication from the conceptual development to the final printing stages and coordinated a team of designers and photographers for the production of this report. The survey was published in 17 individual volumes in Digital PDF format and 5 of them were printed as well.

Color Scheme

Each booklet's theme color responded to the color of the area of study established by JCV’s brand guidelines. Photographs and illustrations were left in grayscale so as not to interfere with the accent color.

Shared credit


Augusto Chacón, Francisco Núñez, Ana Vicencio, Felipe Rodríguez, Vicki Foss and Ester Soto

Graphic design:

Juan Pablo Ramos Valadez


Jorge (Yorch) Gómez

Assistant designers:

Gizeht Bernal and Adriana Villaseñor

Portraits of tapatíos

One of the most beautiful parts of the project was the portraits that Yorch Gomez captured of real inhabitants of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (also known as tapatíos). They starred on the first page after the cover and as well at the end of each booklet, where their pictures also served as a visual menu.

Icon design

The Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (AMG for its initials in Spanish) is comprised of eight municipalities. Jalisco Cómo Vamos surveys people in six of them. I designed icons to identify each of them using themes and motifs that are characteristic them (more information on the ‘Image credit’ toggle).

(From left to right)

Presentation and press coverage