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Conceptual Development & Content Strategy

Odd Catrina


I created this editorial platform  to explore the role of women in Latin American Culture and to question stereotypes that emanate from its pervasive 'macho' culture.  

Editorial design & Branding

IMEC Vol 1 & 2


I designed the first two volumes of the Manual on Behavioural Economics–the first of its kind published in Spanish–edited by The Mexican Institute of Behavioural Economics (IMEC).

Graphic & Interface Design

Qué has hecho, alcalde


I designed a prototype for an online initiative created by Guadalajara-based NGO Jalisco Cómo Vamos to keep track of the campaign promises and general performance of two mayors of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area. 

Project Management & Editorial Design

Encuesta de Percepción Ciudadana 2014


I was in charge of the design and production of the 2014 Survey on Citizen Perception–conducted by Jalisco Cómo Vamos


Ciudadano Metropolitano


I directed a short animation produced by Jalisco Cómo Vamos aimed at showing how the average 'tapatío' (people from the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area) perceive their quality of life, their city and their government. 

Graphic Design

Jalisco Cómo Votamos


I designed the graphics and interface for this project that showed people from the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area what district they belonged to and what candidates they could vote for state congress during the 2015 midterm elections. 

Graphic Design & Infographics

Cultura para todos


I designed this presentation that Jalisco Cómo Vamos made for Cultural Management  students at ITESO (the Jesuit University in Guadalajara) which explored ways to bring cultural activities to marginalized communities in the city. 

Branding & Graphic Design

Viaje Ciudadano


I designed the graphics and materials for a workshop organized by Jalisco Cómo Vamos for members of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO), Guadalajara Chapter on community involvement. 

Keynote Speaking


Emprende ITESO


5th OECD World Forum on statistics knowledge and policy