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Graphic design & infographics

August 2015

In Guadalajara, socio-economic disparity and highly centralized cultural venues alienate the city’s poorest from recreational activities outside their homes. Based in data from the Jalisco Cómo Vamos (JCV) 2014 survey, we set out to explore the relationship between the absence of cultural and recreational activities in our city’s and the low quality of life the inhabitants of these parts report and propose several solutions. We organized an event was hosted on September 2nd, 2015 at ITESO, Guadalajara’s Jesuit University. Cultural management students,  academics and artists, as well as public officers and journalists were present. The next day we appeared in all major local newspapers. 

Throughout the presentation we created an allegory to call attention to the concentration of cultural activities at the city center and called it 'The Cultural Olympus', and I designed an image evoking this as backdrop for the first part of the presentation with the iconic Degollado Theater located at the top of a mountain.

My role in it

I designed the slides and infographics of the presentation.

Shared credit


 Francisco Núñez

Keynote Speakers:

 Francisco Núñez & Augusto Chacón

Cultural venues & quality of life

oferta cultural6
This is a map of 6 municipalities of the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area (AMG for its initials in Spanish). They are colored according to the average quality of life scores that their inhabitants reported. The blue spots represent cultural and recreational venues (from cinemas and theaters to parks). A picture emerges here: Guadalajara has both the most venues and the highest self-reported quality of life and El Salto, with only one venue, has the lowest self-reported quality of life.

Excerpts from the presentation

Presentation and press coverage