– Jalisco Cómo Vamos –

Stop motion animation

september 2015

The research team at Jalisco Cómo Vamos drew out a profile of the average Guadalajara citizens (we chose to depict them as one man and one woman) from their 2014 data to present to the mayors who were about to take office in September. To present their findings we produced a short video narrating what their needs and concerns were.

(Subtitles in English available by pressing the CC button at the bottom of the video)

My role in it

Production and direction (and cutting and cutting small tapatío figurines for two days in a row)

Shared credit


Felipe Rodríguez

Script and voice:

Augusto Chacón


Edgar Quintana (Edgar Seis)


Santiago Chacón


David Chacón

Production assistants: 

Ana Vicencio & Vicki Foss

Behind the scenes